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A bad credit loan is a kind of loan designed for borrowers with poor credit remarks. It’s one of the most feasible alternatives they have when banks and traditional lending facilities can no longer entertain them.

Basically, it’s a personal loan they can use when they need money for car repairs, medical bills, groceries, credit card debts, or other expenses. Like a personal advance, it has no restrictions and can be paid back on an installment basis.

Getting Small Cash

If this sounds like your option and you need it now, below are your options when you need a small personal loan and you have bad credit.

Family or Friends

This is perhaps the easiest way to get money in an instant since there are no strict requirements required. However, if you want to give the other party (friend or family) an assurance that they would get their money back, you can create your own loan agreement and apply a low-interest rate if they wish.

Credit Unions

This financial establishment is a great option when you have bad credit but you need a personal advance. You can get qualified easily as long as you can provide a stable source of income. Some credit unions, however, may ask you to become their member for at least six months to be eligible. Nonetheless, you can score a good loan offer from them.

Guarantor Loans

If you have a bad credit score and you want to get a personal loan with a cheap interest rate, you can use someone else’s good credit remark. This means having another person, such as your family, colleague, or a friend, to cosign the debt with you. The other person, a.k.a. guarantor, will back you up in case you defaulted on the loan.

Whenever you apply for credit, prospective lenders will always take a look at your credit record. It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a credit card, a store card, a loan, a mortgage, or an overdraft. Your credit record will be searched. Each search will leave a footprint on your file which other lenders can see as well.

Why multiple loan applications is a problem

Lenders always view multiple loan applications within a short time of each other as problematic. This makes you appear desperate financially. This will also make them think that you are less financially capable of paying them back if they’ll approve the loan application. They will even find it even harder to approve your application if they see that the previous applications you made before were rejected.

How many applications should you make?

There is really no set rule when it comes to the number of credit applications that you should make to make you not appear a problematic borrower to lenders. After all, different lenders have their own set of criteria on how they will assess applications.

It does help if you will consider spacing out your applications to a few months after you have last sent one so it will not look too bad to potential lenders. You wouldn’t want to not have a borrowing record on your credit file either as you need a credit history to convince lenders that you are a good borrower. If you have applied for loans in the past and were able to get them paid off on time, lenders will be more confident about lending money to you.

Timing our applications right

It is advised that you get your applications spaced strategically. It helps to leave a few months interval between your loan applications. It is best to avoid applying for multiple credits at the same time. This is especially true if you have plans to apply for a mortgage in the near future as it will ruin your chances.

Tips for loan approval

Before applying for any financial product, it helps to find out what the eligibility criteria first. This helps you determine whether you qualify or not and saves you from the trouble and the likely consequences of sending over an application for a credit that you are not qualified to begin with.

Often, your income, your age, the amount of current debts you have, and your credit rating will play a role on whether lenders will consider lending you money or not. So, know ahead of time if yours meet their criteria. Also, avoid making several loan applications because it will only damage your credit rating more in the process.