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Other Means of Getting Quick Small Cash

If you ever find yourself strapped for cash but you’re not willing to take put a loan, it helps to have an idea of some quick money schemes that you can do. If you’re not a fan of taking out credit every time a financial emergency arises, below are some things you can do to get the money that you need fast.


One good way of getting money fast is to take care of pets. You’d be surprised how many people need pet-sitters. Check with family, friends, and neighbours if they need somebody to walk, feet, groom, or generally take care of their pets. They pay cash too so you get the money by the end of the day.

Sell clothes

If you have tons of clothes that are just lying inside your wardrobe and have not been worn for a long time, it is high time you let go of them. You can earn extra cash by selling them either in a garage sale or online.


Just as you can earn extra cash taking care of pets, you can do the same taking care of babies and kids too. Parents that want to enjoy some time out during the evening are likely going to need somebody to watch over their kids. Keep your ears peeled for neighbours and friends that need the service so you can sign up and earn some fast cash.

Sell jewelleries

Sell your gold and silver too. They can usually fetch a good sum. Get them appraised at a local jeweller and see if they’d be interested in buying them.

Back in the day, one of the risks of not paying off a debt is prison. These days, however, there is no way that you can be thrown to jail if you were unable to pay most types of debts. 

Failure to Pay Your Loans

Still, there are debts that could possibly and you to jail. For instance, not paying council tax, criminal fines, business rates, as well as arrears on child maintenance owed to the CSA are likely to lead to jail time. Still, even in these circumstances. Prison is considered as the last resort. It is common to exhaust all possible option first before the authorities will consider handing jail time to you.  

For most other debts though, it’s pretty reaching to think that you will get in prison if you do not pay them back. So if you have overdrafts, loans, credit cards, rent arrears. Mortgages, utility arrears, or even hire purchase debts that are still unpaid, be assured that not paying them off is not going to land you in jail. However, skipping on payments will truly have a huge impact on your credit history and your credit score. This would mean that your future chances of getting approved for credit are likely going to be diminished as well. 

That being said, however, there may be situations when you can be arrested or worse, sent to jail due to a debt. This is when a creditor whom you have not paid decides to take you to court. Instances like these are very rare, however. Most lenders would prefer to exhaust other means. As long you cooperate with the court, it is very likely that you can get off scot-free.

Other Means to Make You Pay Your Dues

Also, if you have a CCJ and you have not paid it, it is possible for creditors to get the money you owe them from your wages. If the court has been sending you letters about this and you’ve repeatedly ignored them, you could be taken by a bailiff to court where you’d either be fined or sent to prison for 14 days. This is punishment not for non-payment of the debt but for disobeying the court’s orders.